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Installation Instructions

Magic Sliders come in a variety of sizes and types.  Match the size to the furniture leg.  The gray material is the MAGIC (our proprietary polymer) and should always face down.  Both the furniture and the surface should be clean.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: A few things to remember.  Surfaces must always be kept free of dirt and grit, or floors can be damaged.  If used outside, never reuse inside.  Newly finished wood floors must be totally dry (usually 3 – 4 months) before using.  It’s a good idea to check with your floor manufacturer before using.

Move and Remove:

Carefully lift the furniture approximately ½ inch off the ground and place the Magic Sliders under each foot or corner.


Peel one side of the included double faced adhesive disc and apply to the black side of the Magic Slider.  Then peel the other side, carefully lifting the furniture approximately ½ inch off the ground, and place Magic Sliders under each foot or corner.


Center the Magic Slider and drill a small pilot hole through the hole in the disc into the furniture leg.  Screw in, making certain the screw is completely below the surface of the disc.


Using a hammer, lightly tap the nail through the small tabbed insert and into the furniture leg, until the nail is flush with top of the insert.  Bend the Magic Sliders around the tabs one by one, until secure.

Grip Tips and Hi-Tips: 

Grip the Magic Sliders between the thumb and fingers, stretching the black lip portion evenly around the furniture leg until fully inserted.  No tools or adhesives are needed.