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Meet our newest product, MAGIC FIT!
Meet our newest product, MAGIC FIT!
10 day stress-free spring cleaning challenge

10 day stress-free spring cleaning challenge

Spring cleaning can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Our favorite strategy for tackling spring cleaning without the stress is to break it down into smaller tasks and pick one thing to do each day. We like to throw on some tunes and enlist the help of our loved ones to make it more fun!

Here’s our day-by-day checklist to help jumpstart your spring cleaning.

Day 1: Go through every room in your house and pick at least one item to donate. Take your items to a nearby donation center. If you need some ideas, consider household items you haven’t used in the past year, kitchen utensils you have too many of, or clothing that no longer fits.

Day 2: Wash all windows, mirrors and glass doors. 

Day 3: Sweep or vacuum under large furniture such as ottomans, armchairs and end tables. While you’re at it, add some Magic Sliders under your large furniture, to make future cleaning easier.

Day 4: Get creative and rearrange a room! Sometimes making a space feel new can help motivate you to keep going with the spring cleaning.

Day 5: Organize your junk drawer. We all have that drawer in the kitchen or office that seems to catch all the “junk.” Use this as an opportunity to toss any old receipts, notes or other trash and organize the odd knicks and knacks.

Day 6: Dust your ceiling fans and remove any cobwebs from the corners in every room.

Day 7: Wash all the baseboards and window sills.

Day 8: Clean out your pantry. Toss any expired items, and donate anything you won't use to a local food pantry.

Day 9: Touch up any paint scuffs on the walls.

Day 10: Sweep and wash behind any large appliances, such as the refrigerator and oven, washing machine and dryer. Here are our favorite Magic Sliders to use under large appliances, to easily slide them back into place!

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