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FREE Shipping for ALL U.S. Orders Over $30
FREE Shipping for ALL U.S. Orders Over $30

About Magic Sliders

For over 30 years, more than 300 million Magic Sliders have been screwed, nailed and glued onto uncountable tables, couches, refrigerators, chairs and bookcases.  From grandfather clocks to grand pianos, we help people redecorate their homes, paint their walls, protect their surfaces, and make their spaces work better.  Magic Sliders come in all shapes and sizes because legs and bottoms are as different in furniture as in people. There are imitators - all great ideas inspire knock-offs - but Magic Sliders have been tested and shown to reduce friction and slide easier than the copycats.  We can move up to 3,200 pounds - more than a Toyota Corolla™ (in case you have one in your family room!)  Now more than ever, we need Magic Sliders to turn static space into flex space.

Life on the Move

There are dozens of ways that Magic Sliders can turn static space into flex space. A magical place where chairs slide, refrigerators glide, family rooms turn into home offices, and back again. We protect surfaces, we inspire new ideas, we make more of whatever space you have